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Mind blowing data speed.

We make the Internet Faster

The Internet, Faster

SendFaster makes the internet faster. We know it's a bold claim, but we're confident that in just 5 minutes our revolutionary TCP acceleration software combined with PACH™, our psycho-visual compression technology, will transform your server into a data delivery rocket!

Maximum TCP Acceleration

SendFaster uses a blend of cutting edge TCP congestion control algorithms to achieve consistently fast and stable performance across a range of links, from 2G to Fiber. SendFaster is particularly suited to delivering data across congested and wireless links, which most of your users have. The only way to go faster violates the laws of physics (and we have the speeding ticket to prove it!).

Extreme Media Compression 
Zero Loss in Quality

Introducing the latest technology from SendFaster™! PACH™, our image and video compression software, dramatically reduces the file size of your images and videos without sacrificing dimension and details.

Compress your media files with PACH and upload your high resolution photos and videos to your websites and social networks faster than ever before!

Take the PACH Challenge

Using PACH Psycho-Visual Technology, we're able to compress the overall file size of high resolution images by up to 80% while keeping the quality level and pixel dimensions exactly the same. Take the PACH challenge and see if you can spot any differences? Spoiler alert. It's impossible.

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Accelerate Everything

SendFaster also accelerates the things that CDNs cannot, such as dynamic pages served from your origins. This means that even that customized lolcat with your users face on it can be accelerated, no matter where in the world your users are.

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