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Not to brag, but we'll probably blow your mind.

Mind blowing data speed.

Take the PACH Challenge. Can you spot the differences between these two images?

 High Quality JPEG


If you think they look the same, you are correct!

In fact, the second JPEG has been compressed 85% with PACH, saving 4MB. Although the file sizes are drastically different, as you can see, the image quality and pixel size remains the same. That's because PACH offers extreme image and video compression without compromising quality.

Download the full size images to zoom in and compare.

How's this possible?

Images and video contain data that the eye can't discern.

PACH removes invisible and otherwise redundant data and keeps only what matters to maintain rich, high resolution content. Because they exclude extraneous data, PACHed files load faster and occupy less space, saving your customers time and you money.

In other words, you no longer have to sacrifice quality to store your data for less and deliver your content faster.

Some compression schemes, like JPEG2000, rely on custom file formats and decoders, requiring your customers to install special software to view the compressed data. Instead of breaking compatibility with the universally used JPEG standard, PACH relies on optimizing the existing standard, allowing SendFaster to compress your images and video while maintaining the existing format.

There's no special software for your customers to install and PACHed files work with all existing JPEG and MPEG decoders.
Just upload your files and PACH trims the fat to improve loading times and save money. Compress your media without compromising quality.
Start delivering richer content faster with PACH.