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Not to brag, but we'll probably blow your mind.

Mind blowing data speed.

About SendFaster, Inc.

SendFaster makes the Internet faster.

SendFaster was founded in June 2011 with the goal of making cutting edge internet performance technology affordable and accessible to all sites and operators. By eliminating complicated custom hardware and cost prohibitive licensing fees, SendFaster brings the latest in website hosting, network acceleration and compression technology to customers large and small.

SendFaster believes in taking the long view. We are a privately held corporation bootstrapped by our major shareholders. Because SendFaster has not taken outside investment, we do not have to worry about inflating our stats for the next funding round; instead, we are committed to building lasting and sustainable customer relationships.

The SendFaster Team

Brad Mitchell


Mr. Mitchell has a 15-year track record as a successful entrepreneur with internet and technology-based companies. Born, raised and still living in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, he has strong ties to the Midwest. As co-founder and principal owner of MojoHost, Mr. Mitchell has built MojoHost into a global brand and established it as a leading provider of managed hosting services to media and e-commerce companies worldwide.

Mr. Mitchell enjoys the cutting edge of web infrastructure and technology, and regularly asks "how will this make the web faster?"

Christopher O'Connell

VP of Technology

Mr. O'Connell's technology background includes everything from "auto-DJ" software, mobile apps, and astronomical observing software, to auto-pilot testing and development. Mr. O'Connell's underlying approach to technology has always emphasized "smarter" algorithms — solving problems through advanced algorithms and an understanding of the underlying systems, instead of throwing more processors at the problem.

As a principle and Chief Software Architect for a leading independent app market, Mr. O'Connell has strong ties to the West Coast tech community. Mr. O'Connell currently lives in Tucson, Arizona.