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Not to brag, but we'll probably blow your mind.

Mind blowing data speed.

SendFaster Content Delivery (CDN)

2 cents per GB or less. No hidden fees.

Our industry leading software accelerates delivery, but the core of every great product is reliable, scalable and affordable delivery that "just works".

Our Datacenters

Developers prefer to innovate with the knowledge that their data resides safely in "the cloud". Underlying the abstraction of the cloud, physical disks and congested networks are the actual reality of the internet. At SendFaster we use the highest tier of datacenters, and run our own network and peering, ensuring optimal connectivity to the rest of the internet.

Our Network ...

We've built a great network to provide scale and reliability when we offer our software as a delivery service. Our facilities span the globe, including Miami, Detroit and Los Angeles in the USA as well as Amsterdam and Singapore in Europe and Asia. Each of our facilities runs our own network to multiple independent transit providers as well as strategic peering to ensure the best delivery. Our total on-net capacity exceeds 100 gigabit of connectivity, ensuring sufficient headroom for major bandwidth spikes.

... And Beyond

At SendFaster, we've partnered with some of the world's leading networks, including Level 3, Highwinds, Leaseweb and MaxCDN. Rather than confine delivery to just our own network, we constantly monitor delivery performance across millions of "last mile" networks. Based on a user-selectable function or price, speed, network and country requirements, we dynamically adjust delivery to ensure that each user receives the best performance, whether it's from us, or one of our partners. In total, customers can access your data from over 150 points of presence around the world.

Best in Class Pricing

2 cents per GB or less. No hidden fees.

We provide a simple, publicly available price point, with discounts available on large quantity (10 TB+). Many CDNs charge extra fees per request, or for SSLs traffic. Another CDN with similar base pricing to SendFaster costs over twice to actually deliver average images on a website, once all the extra charges are factored in. Other CDNs may lock you into complex contracts which automatically renew whether you're happy or not. At SendFaster we believe tht CDN should be fast, easy and cheap. Try it today.