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Mind blowing data speed.

SendFaster Technology

TCP Acceleration

SendFaster™ speeds content delivery by up to 500% across platforms and networks, offering you the chance to increase ROI and profits for your website. Studies have shown that a more rapid delivery of content to the end user translates directly into measurable results based on varying metrics for different site categories.

For instance, Google searches drop by 25% with a 500 ms slower page load, a 100ms decrease in load time costs Amazon 1% of sales during the time frame, and Facebook traffic decreases by an amazing 6% with a 1 second slower page delivery.

SendFaster™ isn’t just for those with “bad” bandwidth, it’s the perfect solution for increasing throughput on any bandwidth!

How can SendFaster™ benefit your business? The SendFaster™ protocol specifically targets markets which rely on speed and connectivity for their profits. Slow delivery to end users directly translates into smaller orders, fewer users, and less time spent on site. It offers dramatic improvements to mobile delivery, overcomes higher latencies and packet loss for users connected via Wi-Fi, and greatly improves the HD/streaming experience by minimizing buffering.

The graph illustrates the use of the SendFaster™ protocol versus a standard TCP Reno configuration and explains why sendfaster works. SendFaster sends a fuller stream much more rapidly and the packet loss recovery provides an exponentially better end user experience in terms of page load times, jitter reduction, and overall quality of experience.

Content Delivery

We've listened to our customers, all they want is the fastest delivery for the lowest speeds. That's why we've partnered with 4 of the leading CDNs to provide a powerful content delivery network that's more than the sum of it's parts. In addition to our own network, we farm out requests to other CDNs when necessary, always ensuring the fastest response for your customers. By having multiple CDN partners, we force them to compete for your traffic, reducing costs. With starting prices lower than most providers lowest rates, you'll save thousands of dollars per month on CDN. And unlike other CDN companies, we never nickle and dime you. Many features which other providers charge for come standard, for free, including free SSL traffic, free HTTP/2 (on supported networks), free content security and more.

CDN Gateway

We've listened to our customers: you'd love to switch to our CDN, but your files are stored in Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage or some other cloud hosting provider, so you think you have to use their expensive "captive" CDN. So we've built a truly agnostic CDN gateway. Keep your files where you want, and we'll automatically link them into our blazing fast CDN. The best part? It's totally free. Keep your files in Amazon S3 (or any compatible storage), Google Cloud Storage, Backblaze B2 or even a Dropbox folder, and we'll automatically synchronize them. And unlike those providers own CDNs, we never charge for ingest bandwidth, and smartly cross replicate between our CDN locations, meaning that most files are only requested from your storage engine once.